Should I start a sheep dairy?

Milking sheep is not an easy ride. There is currently an over supply of milk on the wholesale market and if you choose to process, certain products such as cheese are becoming more difficult to get to market as the competition is now growing faster than ever. The best way forward would be to join the BSDA and then you would have access to as much advice as you need. I have copied this reply to the Secretary so that you have the address. My comments weren't meant to put you off moreover just telling you as it is. I've milked sheep for 30 years and the industry is currently in the best shape than it's ever been in terms of communication and co-operation plus it's easier to get going now but it's still a hard slog and margins are very tight. There are plenty of companies selling hardware and 'advice' but none of them have any real on farm knowledge. Also be wary of budget figures for enterprise performance as some are misleading. Be careful buying stock and certainly visit more than one farm selling before you buy. That sounds obvious but there isn't much choice when it comes to sourcing decent dairy sheep.



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